Imagining Architecture

Fantastical architecture, imaginary urbanism, and hallucinatory dwellings.

1. Lesabendio: An Asteroid Novel, by Paul Scheerbart

2. Rakkx the Billionaire & The Great Race, by Paul Scheerbart

3. The Cathedral of Mist, by Paul Willems

4. The Stairway to the Sun & Dance of the Comets, by Paul Scheerbart

5. District, by Tony Duvert

6. The Construction of the Tower of Babel, by Juan Benet


Imagining Science

Outsider science, extreme empiricism, aberrant experiments, and imaginary speculations—literary explorations in fictional science.

1. An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Paris, by Georges Perec

2. The Perpetual Motion Machine: The Story of an Invention, by Paul Scheerbart

3. The Hierarchies of Cuckoldry and Bankruptcy, by Charles Fourier

4. Pataphysical Essays, by Ren Daumal

5. The Pig: In Poetic, Mythological, and Moral-Historical Perspective, by Oskar Panizza

6. The Table, by Francis Ponge

7. New Inventions and Latest Innovations, by Gaston de Pawlowski


The Library of Cruelty

Tales of love, crime, war, and madness, from the surreal to the sarcastic.

1. The Leg of Lamb: Its Life and Works, by Benjamin Pret

2. The High Life, by Jean-Pierre Martinet

3. The Book of Monelle, by Marcel Schwob

4. The Conductor & Other Tales, by Jean Ferry

5. Flametti, or The Dandyism of the Poor, by Hugo Ball

6. The Creator, by Mynona

7. The Emperor of China, The Mute Canary & The Executioner of Peru, by Georges Ribemont-Dessaignes

8. A Dilemma, by Joris-Karl Huysmans

9. Disagreeable Tales, by Lon Bloy

10. The Trumpets of Jericho, by Unica Zrn

11. Murder Most Serene, by Gabrielle Wittkop

12. A Terrace in Rome, by Pascal Quignard

13. Sweating Blood, by Lon Bloy

14. Spells, by Michel de Ghelderode

15. The Arthritic Grasshopper and Other Tales, by Gisle Prassinos

16. Kzradock the Onion Man and the Spring-Fresh Methuselah: From the Notes of Dr. Renard Montpensier, by Louis Levy

17. The Unruly Bridal Bed and Other Grotesques, by Mynona

18. My Papa and the Maid of Orlans and Other Grotesques, by Mynona

19. The King in the Golden Mask, by Marcel Schwob

20. Mademoiselle Bamb, by Pierre Mac Orlan

21. Hashish, by Oscar A. H. Schmitz

22. The Children’s Crusade, by Marcel Schwob



Verse, from the adverse to the perverse.

1. Pybrac, by Pierre Louÿs

2. The Massacre of the Innocents, by Giambattista Marino

3. Life in the Folds, by Henri Michaux

4. The Thief of Talant, by Pierre Reverdy


Wakefield Galleries

Rogues galleries, role calls, personnel files, and eccentric rosters.

1. Exemplary Departures, by Gabrielle Wittkop

2. Odd Jobs, by Tony Duvert

3. Imaginary Lives, by Marcel Schwob

4. Psychology of the Rich Wife: Being an Inquiry, in Twenty-Five Parts, into the Question of Immortality, by Erich Mhsam

5. Brief Lives of Idiots, by Ermanno Cavazonni


Wakefield Handbooks

The how-to manual reimagined: guidebooks on a variety of satirical, parodic, and quixotic subjects.

1. Treatise on Elegant Living, by Honor
de Balzac

2. The Young Girl's Handbook of Good Manners for Use in Educational Establishments, by Pierre Louÿs

3. A Handbook for the Perfect Adventurer, by Pierre Mac Orlan

4. The Physiology of the Employee, by Honor de Balzac

5. Treatise on Mondern Stimulants, by Honor de Balzac